Eurorack Modul PreAmp Mixer Headphone Amp

5-1 Mixer

Discrete OP-Amp 5-in-1 Mixer with Headphone/ Line - Output

5 1 Mixer cropped

This is a compact 5-channel mono mixer for Eurorack synthesizers. The module has three channels (Input 1 - 3) with unity gain and attenuators and two channels with fixed gain. The gain depends on whether a stereo jack (TRS) or a mono jack (TS) is plugged into Input 4+5. Output A is the mixed signal in Eurorack level. Output B can be used to connect stereo headphones or a stereo system (line level) and can be adjusted with the level control "B". An LED indicates overloads.

The circuit is a DOA (Discrete Operational Amp) as an inverting amplifier. The output signal is phase inverted and mono (Output A) or dual-mono (Output B).

The adjustable headphone amplifier can also drive low impedance headphones or be used as a line output.


  • 3 channels with attenuator and unity-gain
  • 2 channels with fixed gain
  • Eurorack level output (mono)
  • Headphone / stereo system output (dual mono)