Eurorack Modul Utility Attenuator PreAmp

1U Stomper

With this stomp box adapter for Eurorack modular synthesizers, you can also use your effects pedal collection with your modular system.

This is a compact stomp box adapter for installation in 1U rows of Eurorack-compatible modular synthesiser systems. The module allows the use of electric guitar and electric bass effect pedals in the modular synthesizer. The input and output levels are adjusted for this purpose. The Eurorack signal to the effect pedal can be lowered by -20dB or -26dB, the effect pedal signal back to the Eurorack can be boosted by +20dB or +26dB.
The module can also be used as an interface to process low-level instruments, e.g. electric guitars or line-level instruments in the modular system.


  • Attenuator input (3,5mm)
  • Attenuator output (6,35mm)
  • Amplifier input (6,35mm)
  • Amplifier output (3,5mm)
  • based on CGS60 by Ken Stone
  • 1U Tile (Intellijel format)
  • Reversible FR4 panel, printed on both sides
Stomper r3817z 1
Reversible panel

Patch Examples


Using a guitar effect (stomp box) in a Eurorack system.
Stomper adjusts Eurorack level to guitar level, this can then be sent through an effects unit and then amplified back to Eurorack level.

Stomper Example A
Stomp box


Use instrument with line level in Eurorack.
Stomper adjusts the line level to Eurorack level. The output can be connected to a filter input, for example.

Stomper Example B
Line-Level Instrument


Use guitar or bass in Eurorack.
Stomper adjusts the guitar or bass level to Eurorack level. The output can be connected to a VCA input, for example.

Stomper Example C
Gitarre or Bass


Connect your modular system to a guitar or bass amplifier.
Stomper adjusts the Eurorack level to guitar level. 

Stomper Example D
Guitar amplifier