Eurorack Modul Utility


Adapter panel to use 1U modules in 3U racks

With the help of this adapter panel three rows of 1U modules (intellijel format) can be inserted into 3U Eurorack cases. Each row can hold up to 18 hp 1U modules. The adapter panel rests directly on the Eurorack rails and is 20 hp wide.
Two variants are available
without threaded studs: to fix the inner four rows M2.5 or M3 nuts must be used
with M2.5 or M3 threaded strips, modules can be screwed on as usual

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Eurorack Modul Utility Matrix Switch Multiple

Michael Collins' Command Module

ARP 2500 inspired 10-switch/10-bus switching matrix with OFF position, expandable to 20x10, 30x10 or 40x10.

This is a switch matrix inspired by the ARP 2500 synthesizer. The matrix has 10 busses to which each signal can be routed via a rotary switch. In the "OFF" position the respective signal is not routed to any bus. The matrix is arbitrarily expandable, so that with two modules a 20x10, with three modules a 30x10 and with four modules even a 40x10 switch matrix is created.
The basic module offers 100 select stations in the 10x10 ... read more
Michael Collins' Command Module
Eurorack Modul Utility Attenuator PreAmp

1U Stomper

With this stomp box adapter for Eurorack modular synthesizers, you can also use your effects pedal collection with your modular system.

This is a compact stomp box adapter for installation in 1U rows of Eurorack-compatible modular synthesiser systems. The module allows the use of electric guitar and electric bass effect pedals in the modular synthesizer. The input and output levels are adjusted for this purpose. The Eurorack signal to the effect pedal can be lowered by -20dB or -26dB, the effect pedal signal back to the Eurorack can be boosted by +20dB or +26dB.
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1U Stomper
Eurorack Modul Utility Scope Tuner


A Digital Storage Oscilloscope for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers. Displays all your waveforms. Equipped with two analogue channels and one digital channel.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, based on JYE Tech DSO150 but with custom analogue PCB, modified JYE hardware and custom firmware for more channels,  enhancing the capabilities. Two DC-coupled analogue Channels with individual vertical deflection and vertical position control. Push-Encoder and four shortcut buttons. A three-way switch selects the trigger source.
2 analogue channels (CH 1, CH 2)
1 digital channel (EXT TRIG)
Trigger select for each input (TRIG SEL)
V/DIV (per analogue channel): 2V 5V 10V
s/DIV: 20us 30us 50us 0,1ms 0,2ms 0,5ms ... read more