Eurorack Modul Utility Scope Tuner


A Digital Storage Oscilloscope for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers. Displays all your waveforms. Equipped with two analogue channels and one digital channel.

Euro DSO FPB Foto cropped 2

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, based on JYE Tech DSO150 but with custom analogue PCB, modified JYE hardware and custom firmware for more channels,  enhancing the capabilities. Two DC-coupled analogue Channels with individual vertical deflection and vertical position control. Push-Encoder and four shortcut buttons. A three-way switch selects the trigger source.


  • 2 analogue channels (CH 1, CH 2)
  • 1 digital channel (EXT TRIG)
  • Trigger select for each input (TRIG SEL)
  • V/DIV (per analogue channel): 2V 5V 10V
  • s/DIV: 20us 30us 50us 0,1ms 0,2ms 0,5ms 1ms 2ms 5ms 10ms
  • TRIG: Single, Normal, Auto
  • Frequency measurement per analogue channel
  • color display