Eurorack Modul Utility Scope Tuner


A Digital Storage Oscilloscope for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers. Displays all your waveforms. Equipped with two analogue channels and one digital channel.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, based on JYE Tech DSO150 but with custom analogue PCB, modified JYE hardware and custom firmware for more channels,  enhancing the capabilities. Two DC-coupled analogue Channels with individual vertical deflection and vertical position control. Push-Encoder and four shortcut buttons. A three-way switch selects the trigger source.
2 analogue channels (CH 1, CH 2)
1 digital channel (EXT TRIG)
Trigger select for each input (TRIG SEL)
V/DIV (per analogue channel): 2V 5V 10V
s/DIV: 20us 30us 50us 0,1ms 0,2ms 0,5ms ... read more