Eurorack Modul Utility Matrix Switch Multiple

Michael Collins' Command Module

ARP 2500 inspired 10-switch/10-bus switching matrix with OFF position, expandable to 20x10, 30x10 or 40x10.

Command Module front

This is a switch matrix inspired by the ARP 2500 synthesizer. The matrix has 10 busses to which each signal can be routed via a rotary switch. In the "OFF" position the respective signal is not routed to any bus. The matrix is arbitrarily expandable, so that with two modules a 20x10, with three modules a 30x10 and with four modules even a 40x10 switch matrix is created.

The basic module offers 100 select stations in the 10x10 arrangement with off position.

Two different variants are available: Variant 1 contains 10 rotary switches and 10 associated sockets. Variant 2 contains 10 additional sockets with which the 10 buses can also be tapped directly.  


  • 10 internal buses, optionally led out on sockets
  • 10 rotary switches with 11 positions (bus 1-10, OFF)
  • 10 connection sockets
  • several modules can be linked via one bus cable
  • no crosstalk
  • four-layer design
  • available as DIY kit and assembled


Zwei Command Module sind intern über ein Bus-Kabel verbunden und nutzen die gleichen 10 Busse. Dadurch entsteht eine 20x10 Switch-Matrix bestehend aus 20 Bussen und zugehörigen Schaltern mit denen das Signal auf einen der 10 Busse geroutet werden kann. Die Busse können direkt an 10 Bus-Buchsen abgegriffen werden. Zusätzlich gibt es an jedem Schalter eine OFF-Position.


Two Command Modules are internally connected via a bus cable and use the same 10 buses. This creates a 20x10 switch matrix consisting of 20 buses and associated switches with which the signal can be routed to one of the 10 buses. The buses can be tapped directly at 10 bus sockets. Additionally there is an OFF position at each switch.


Example routing in the video:
Sequencer CV Outputs A --> Matrix Bus 1
Sequencer CV Outputs B --> Matrix Bus 2
Sequencer CV Outputs C --> Matrix Bus 3
VCO 1 KYBD-CV Inputs <-- Matrix Switch A
VCO 2 KYBD-CV Inputs <-- Matrix Switch B
VCO 3 KYBD-CV Inputs <-- Matrix Switch C
VCO 1 Output --> Matrix Switch F
VCO 2 Output --> Matrix Switch G
VCO 3 Output --> Matrix Switch H
Amplifier Input <-- Matrix Bus 10


Bus 1 -3 are used to route three different CV sequences to the three VCOs. 


Bus 10 is used to mix the audio outputs together.

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In this video O.Z. Hall explains how to use the switch matrix on the ARP 2500 and what passive mixing is all about

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