Eurorack Synthesizer Modular System Skiff


Modules in 3U and 1U format for Eurorack-compatible modular synthesiser systems as well as accessories are presented here.
Eurorack Modul Trigger Clock Modulator Frequency Divider Logic

1U Clock Divider

With this clock divider for Eurorack modular synthesizers, you can give your productions the necessary portion of polyrhythms to really bring your tracks to..

…life. Used as a sub-oscillator, you can give your VCO a lot of punch in the low end, and the odd dividers can also be used to create subharmonic minor chords like in the trautonium.
This is a compact clock divider for installation in 1U rows of Eurorack-compatible modular synthesizer systems. The clock signal fed in is made available at seven outputs with different divider ratios. The outputs are configured as pulse outputs and provide a pulse in ... read more
1U Clock Divider
Eurorack Modul Utility Scope Tuner


A Digital Storage Oscilloscope for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers. Displays all your waveforms. Equipped with two analogue channels and one digital channel.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, based on JYE Tech DSO150 but with custom analogue PCB, modified JYE hardware and custom firmware for more channels,  enhancing the capabilities. Two DC-coupled analogue Channels with individual vertical deflection and vertical position control. Push-Encoder and four shortcut buttons. A three-way switch selects the trigger source.
2 analogue channels (CH 1, CH 2)
1 digital channel (EXT TRIG)
Trigger select for each input (TRIG SEL)
V/DIV (per analogue channel): 2V 5V 10V
s/DIV: 20us 30us 50us 0,1ms 0,2ms 0,5ms ... read more
Eurorack Modul Trigger Sequencer Clock Modulator

1U Kompas

1U version of Bastl Instruments Kompas Probability Trigger Generator module. Based on the Arduino Nano, for easy modification of the firmware.

This is a Intellijel format 1U variant of stziopa / Bastl Instruments' Kompas Probability Trigger Generator 3U Eurorack module. By using an Arduino Nano (original or clone), changing or completely rebuilding the firmware is very easy. You don't need a programming adapter, because the nano already contains one. For extensions and modifications, all pins are led out on pin headers like on the original Kompas module.
The three tracks called "coordinates" each have their own tempo and trigger ... read more
1U Kompas